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Genn Bo - 404 EP

Lithuanian producer Genn Bo pays homage to the SP-404 with 404 EP.

It would appear Lithuania have a love for all things SP related. We told you about KASETA’s 303 EP a few days ago and after chatting on Facebook, he put us onto another fine SP-related project by Genn Bo. 404 EP is an homage to the 303’s upgraded sibling and, like the 303 EP, was released on a strategically chosen date – 04/04/15 and available for €4.04. You get the idea. Clever dates aside, the 4-track release is very unique in its use of the 404. Rather than straight beats I’m sure we’ve all grown accustomed to by the likes of Ohbliv and Knxwledge, Genn Bo has chosen a more Amon Tobin/Massive Attack-esque style of atmosphere building, exhibited particularly on Babushka. The warbling melodies are enhanced by crackling percussion and choppy interludes, leaving an attention-holding competition.

Stream it on Bandcamp.

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