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Gianni Brezzo – Soundscapes Vol. 1 - Music for Harlequins

‘Fits that perfect, instrumental jazz / soul / groove-based disposition that will keep you noddin’.’

Shout out to Tedikuma for posting one of the tracks off this album on Instagram. I found some time to dive into Gianni Brezzo’s Soundscapes Vol. 1 – Music for Harlequins a few Saturdays ago and the vibe was exquisite. Calming and engaging and hitting all the right marks for a relaxing Saturday morning with some mid-90s Seal vibes. And that track I mentioned before? It’s Humore and probably my favourite from the whole LP. Gianni Brezzo doesn’t miss and his streak continues on this project.

Stream Soundscapes Vol. 1 – Music for Harlequins on Bandcamp

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