Written by Luke Alex Davis 12:30 am Electronic

Gould ’72 – HOMEVIDEO

Gould '72 - HOMEVIDEO

Gould ’72, formerly All These Fingers, keeps things lo-fi and candid with HOMEVIDEO.

You remember All These Fingers, right? Well, that’s not his alias anymore. And it hasn’t been for months. We now know him as Gould ’72 and his music has shifted away from that warped lo-fi hip hop we all loved so much.

But while the hip hop is gone, the lo-fi sensibilities of his craft remain. And his album HOMEVIDEO encapsulates that aesthetic. It’s a short one, with only 5 tracks, but it’s expansive and sounds like something out of an 80s teen movie.

All but one track is by Gould ’72, with the final track being a cover of The Alan Parsons Project’s Eye In The Sky. It’s a great unintentional soundtrack and I’m looking forward to more from The Artist Formerly Known As All These Fingers (or TAFKAATF as he’s never been known as).

Stream it below.