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DJ Manipulator - The Soviet Tape

DJ Manipulator - The Soviet Tape

One of your favourite DJ’s favourite DJs drops a new project called The Soviet Tape, dedicated to the USSR.

Two things you should know about me:

  1. I love Zangief
  2. Red is my favourite colour
  3. I always enjoy Eastern European-themed beat tapes
  4. DJ Manipulator always comes with it

Okay, that was four things but whatever. The point is DJ Manipulator’s The Soviet Tape is awesome. It’s Russian-laced boom bap from start to finish with tracks like Kalinka and Russian Roulette breaking sound levels and necks with that Eastern bloc stonk.

While it’s not a unique concept (see The Alchemist’s Russian Roulette for more of the same), that doesn’t diminish the project’s quality. Every track from the album was sampled from DJ Manip’s collection of Russian records and they retain that frosty Soviet charm.

Stream it below with a glass of vodka or a white Russian – whatever takes your fancy (unless you’re in Soviet Russia, in which case that fancy will take YOU!)

Stream it on Bandcamp.

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