Behringer releases a TB-303 clone called the TD-3

Behringer's TD-3

The analog bass line synthesizer isn’t an official clone of the 303 but there are plenty of similarities and it costs just $150.

Behringer is having a good run at the moment. In February, the company announced the MS-101, Vocoder VC-340, RD-808, and Odyssey. Yeah, there are some clones in there but Behringer know what it’s doing. And for its next trick, the audio tech makers have given us the TD-3.

TD-3 features

The analog synth comes with:

  • An arpeggiator
  • A VCO with sawtooth and square waveforms
  • A 4-pole low-pass resonant filter
  • Distortion functionality
  • A 16-step sequencer with 7 tracks and 250 user patterns
  • A 16-voice poly chain

The TD-3 is distinct enough to not be called a full TB-303 clone. They both have plastic bodies and identical button layouts but the TD-3 has additional features not present on the 303, namely USB functionality and distortion.

BEHRINGER TD-3 Review & tutorial // vs TB-303, RE-303 and x0xb0x (TD3-SR)

And speaking of that USB functionality, you can program your own patterns and hook the synth up to a computer to import and customise them thanks to Behringer’s Synth Tool app.

Is the TD-3 affordable?

At $150 (or €150), you’re damn right it is!

It’s the perfect bass line synth for any producer on a budget. If you’re not, however, you’ll still want to go for the OG TB-303. Notable differences between the synths are in sonic quality (the TD-3 is brighter and crisper compared to the TB-303 which makes sense given when both devices were made).

How has Behringer got away with making a TB-303 clone?

Given its iconic status, you’d think Roland would have protected the 303 from clones like the the DinSync RE-303 and the Bot TT-303. But it didn’t have a trademark for them. The Japanese company filed for one earlier this year (which also includes a trademark for the 808, a synth Behringer has cloned as well) but its status is currently pending. Until then, anyone can make a 303 or 808 clone.

Wanna buy one?

You can pre-order a Behringer TD-3 in red, blue, or silver from Sweetwater, Amazon, or Thomann.

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