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'Grime Stories' is a new exhibition showcasing the spaces, places, and faces behind the genre

The basement studio of Jammer, British Grime Pioneer, MC and Producer. Best known as member of the bands Boy Better Know and MC of Nasty Crew. Lord of the M.I.C.S was founded in this house in 2003.

Opening this summer at the Museum of London, Grime Stories will focus on grime’s early days in East London in the early 2000s.

According to The Spaces, the exhibit is co-curated by Roony Keefe—better known as Risky Roadz, one of the first cameramen of grime—and features spaces such as Jammer’s recording studio basement in Leytonstone and archival footage alongside new films.

Grime music emerged almost twenty years ago in the early 2000s and flourished through an informal network of record shops, youth clubs and pirate radio stations. Now the Museum of London is spotlighting the people and places across East London that shaped grime from then to now.

Partnering with those who were there at the scene’s inception, this landmark display considers how the area has changed in the 20 years since and the impact of these changes on the future landscape of grime. A panoramic illustration by artist Willkay, a series of newly commissioned films, and personal artefacts will pay tribute to the parents, carers and youth workers who supported the city’s grime MCs. Footage featuring Skepta and DJ Slimzee examines how these once emergent artists were able to find an outlet to share their music, uncensored through pirate radio networks such as Rinse FM.

Entry to Grime Stories is free and can be booked online. The show opens on 17 June 2022.

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