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Habibi Funk 007: Funky Arabic Music (From Countries Donald Trump Doesn’t Like)

Habibi Funk 007: Funky Arabic Music (From Countries Donald Trump Doesn't Like)

The 7th Habibi Funk mix is bursting with the kind of funky Arabic music that’d make Donald Trump’s head explode. If only.

These Habibi Funk mixes have been an awesome view into an undiscovered world of music. In a poignant mood, Jannis revisited some 70s and 80s Arabic music for his latest mix. Here’s what he had to say:

Just 2 days ago I was sitting in a cafe during my recent trip for Lebanon and Egypt when Donald Trump announced his ban of muslim people visiting the USA marking another climax of xenophobia, anti muslim and anti Arabic narrative (الترجمة العربية أسفله). At the same time I was in Cairo, a colorful, energetic and vital city that despite the cities and countries problems has not much in common with the stereotypical narrative of the Arabic world that is so largely told in the Western media. I’m aware that in times of these music is just a tiny piece of the puzzle to tell a different story but given that this is what I’m working with I felt it was the right time to drop another mix of music from Arabic tapes, vinyl and master tapes. […] Music that tells a different story, music to listen to when the world is going crazy and everything in between. #antitrumpmusic