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Happy 7th Birthday, Sampleface!

Happy 6th Birthday, Sampleface!

Sampleface is 7 years old today!

These birthdays come round so quickly. It’s been 7 years since I officially launched Sampleface. A lot has changed in that time and I say it every year but, I want to thank everyone who has helped me with this blog over the years.

I feel like I repeat myself every year with some form of retrospection. If you’ve been following for the last 7 years, you will know that although Sampleface was originally a joint venture, I run this by myself. I’m grateful for all the help and support I’ve received with writing and such. But it’s just me. I only say this because that explains the up and down momentum with the site. I have a full-time job and I don’t always have time to update. Sometimes, I’ll go weeks without posting. And even though there are ads on the site, I don’t make money.

That’s why I started my Patreon account where all money goes towards this blog and the other Pandog Media blogs. If you want to help me and you’re in a position to do so, follow the links below.

As always, I ask: what does the future hold for Sampleface? I don’t have any concrete plans set. I will update when I can and give shout outs to the best music possible. All I ask is that you bear with me regarding submissions and share if you fuck with the content.

And remember: we face the music.

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