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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Hey Love - TV Commercial For R&B Album

Cheesy TV album commercials are the best is but it’s our Throwback Thursday this week.

Hey Love - TV commercial for R&B album

If you have cable, you may have seen a really long commercial with some black couples talking about their favourite love songs and selling this love songs box set (if anyone remembers it and can find the video somewhere, I would be eternally grateful). (Un)fortunately, this one isn’t quite as long but it’s still pretty funny. Throwback Thursday wouldn’t be Throwback Thursday without some old school shit and this commercial has it in abundance.

From Hey Love Productions came Hey Love… (The Classic Sounds Of Sexy Soul), a 1986 compilation featuring the likes of The Delfonics, The Chi-Lites, Billy Paul and loads more. As with most of these “TV compilations”, it was exclusively available (at the time) on TV at a cost of $19.98 + shipping/handling. Not bad for a 3 LP box set. But don’t ask me for a copy – you’ve got to buy your own!

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