THROWBACK THURSDAY: Hey Love – TV Commercial For R&B Album

Cheesy TV album commercials are the best is but it’s our Throwback Thursday this week.

If you have cable, you may have seen a really long commercial with some black couples talking about their favourite love songs and selling this love songs box set (if anyone remembers it and can find the video somewhere, I would be eternally grateful). (Un)fortunately, this one isn’t quite as long but it’s still pretty funny. Throwback Thursday wouldn’t be¬†Throwback Thursday without some old school shit and this commercial has it in abundance. From Hey Love Productions came Hey Love… (The Classic Sounds Of Sexy Soul), a 1986 compilation featuring the likes of The Delfonics, The Chi-Lites, Billy Paul and loads more. As with most of these “TV compilations”, it was exclusively available (at the time) on TV at a cost of $19.98 + shipping/handling. Not bad for a 3 LP box set. But don’t ask me for a copy – you’ve got to buy your own!

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