VIDEO: Yancey Boys ft. Frank Nitt - The Throwaway

Here’s the video for The Throwaway starring the Yancey Boys, Frank Nitt and the city of LA.

Yancey Boys (J Dilla & Illa J) Feat. Frank Nitt - The Throwaway

We finally have some visuals to go with Yancey Boys’s posthumous track, The Throwaway. If you haven’t heard the track already or don’t know about the background, it was an unreleased track from the mid-90s, possibly from The Pharcyde sessions judging by the style. The video itself shows Illa J at his brother’s grave before spitting some smooth flows with Frank Nitt all through LA, with fans and the like. Josh Polon (who has worked with Delicious Vinyl, Sundance and Greenpeace) directed the video and did a great job capturing the essence of the song.

While you wait for the 45 box set release of Donuts and Dilla’s The Lost Scrolls, you can download the single on iTunes (which will feature on the latter).

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