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Hip Hop Beat Made In A Senegalese Hospital


When it comes to hip hop sampling you can sample absolutely anything, even the sounds of people in a Senegalese hospital. That’s what happened when Beat Making Lab made a hip hop beat in Senegal.

Getting tired of hearing the same kind of soul samples flipped the same way in hip hop beats? Well, Beat Making Lab know how you feel. That’s why they went over to a hospital in Senegal with a novel approach to the discipline. Ina, from GOOD’s Senegal Beat Making Lab collated some stories from the hospital and recorded the sounds made by her surroundings – everything from goats to babies crying – and some students from the Fiji Beat Making Lab turned them into beats. The idea behind it all was to put a focus on West Africa make people aware of health issues and advice such as contraception and family planning, hoping to dispel any misconceptions about the processes. Using the stories and music, these messages were enhanced.

Stream it below and check out more projects from Beat Making Lab.

(via GOOD)