Written by Luke Alex Davis 10:01 pm Free Download, Hip Hop

Chuck Inglish – Droptops

Chuck Inglish brings back some of that G Funk flavour to the Midwest on his Droptops EP.


Summertime is the perfect season to roll around in your droptop. Chuck Inglish probably had that in mind when he dropped (no pun intended) his latest EP, Droptops. The precursor to his TBA debut Convertibles, was said to be “inspired by a night spent in a droptop Bonneville during this year’s South by Southwest festival and the good vibes of spending a summer in Los Angeles”, according to DJ Booth. The EP hosts a few notable inclusions such as Asher Roth, Travis Scott and DJ Izzo and packs some of that G Funk/bouncey vibe, particularly strong on Keith Sweat and Drops. You might need this for your cadillac this summer.

Stream it below.