VIDEO: Dorian Concept On The microKORG

Austrian producer Dorian Concept revisits the microKORG and shows what he has learnt in the seven years since showcasing its potential on YouTube.

2006. The year Kanye West released Graduation, Three 6 Mafia won an Oscar for Best Song and Dorian Concept, a producer from Austria, showed off his improvisational skills on the microKORG, a “state-of-the-art analog modeling and multi-band vocoding instrument”. In a nutshell, you could customise the sound you wanted with the various knobs and modulation wheels. Dorian’s original video is still on YouTube and really captured the imagination of its viewers; as one person commented: “If this is fooling around, what the FUCK am I doing?…” Seven years later and Dorian is now a Red Bull Music Academy studio team member. During his time at this year’s RBMA event in New York, the Academy asked him what he had learnt since the video dropped. The good news is the microKORG is quite cheap in synthesiser terms – having checked this morning on eBay, you can pick one up for around £150-£250 is you know where to look. Not bad, considering the price of full sized synths.

Interested? Stream the video below.

Dorian Concept on the microKORG | Red Bull Music Academy

(via RBMA)

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