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How to make a lo-fi beat with AI

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Using Selector—the world’s first AI sample recommendation tool—you can create beats with ease.

Before you roll your eyes over yet another article about lo-fi and whatever that term means anymore, give it a chance.

Alex Lavoie from LANDR wrote an entry for their Sample and Hold series, looking at Selector, “the world’s first AI sample recommendation tool.”

It works by analyzing the most important features of a sound and matching them with other samples that share those characteristics.

Selector can detect how a sound’s rhythmic, tonal and timbral information evolve over time.

Its sophisticated algorithms identify similar and complementary samples by matching these sonic qualities with those of other sounds in the catalogue.

Alex chose a starter sample—a piano loop from Dave Foreman’s sample pack—and let Selector pick four samples based on his choice.

I’ll let you be the judge of the result. While this won’t replace a producer’s ability to pick complementary samples, it can provide a burst of inspiration.

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