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9th Wonder talks about DUCKWORTH. for NPR's 'The Formula'

In this video, 9th Wonder spoke about DUCKWORTH. and the samples he used.

9th Wonder on DUCKWORTH. for The Formula

I covered DJ Dahi’s episode of The Formula back in April (seriously thought it was last year) and later that month, 9th Wonder discussed the samples on DUCKWORTH.

The first song I sampled in Kendrick Lamar’s “DUCKWORTH.,” – it’s a song by Ted Taylor, and the song was called “Be Ever Wonderful.” A lot of times, producers listen to samples, and they say, “That’s a great sample, but he didn’t do it right.” It’s just like fashion. Maybe a shirt on this side, jackets over here, but it takes a mind to put all those together. It’s the same thing with records. It’s like, if you don’t know how to dress this up man, just don’t wear it.

I’m an avid scourer of WhoSampled to see the kind of samples my favourite producers use but I hadn’t got round to checking these. I was amazed by how he flipped all the samples and that wonderment extended to 9th Wonder at the end of the video but you’ll have to watch it to see why.

Stream it below.

9th Wonder On Sampling For Kendrick Lamar | The Formula, S1E2

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