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Ikuko Morozumi - Null

Ikuko Morozumi - Null

Experimental electronic artist Ikuko Morozumi releases her latest EP, Null, with ID Spectral.

Ikuko Morozumi - Null

The summer debate of what constituted an album thanks to K*nye’s slew of mediocre offerings may have died down but Ikuko Morozumi is far removed from that nonsense. Her new EP, entitled Null, consists of two tracks and clocks in at just over 6 minutes. The experimental musician maintains her “industrial aesthetic” with stylistic nods to dystopian environments made popular by the likes of Blade Runner and Ex-Machina. Null is a sensation for the ears as well as the mind.

“I wanted to get something of non-verbal communication as I worked on this EP […] I have been getting old, but the quest for music still goes on. For that purpose I initialize the present and head towards “null point.”

Null welds the worlds of glitch, minimal techno, and noise music with a neo-futuristic sense of paranoia and mystery. The ticking hi-hats of the opening track create a clockwork ambience; is time running out? Isn’t it for everybody? The final track isn’t as tentative but still captivates. All-in-all, Null is a short but sharp presentation of a dense concept and Morozumi has constructed something worthy of your ears.

Null is available via all major online stores, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and more. You can stream below via Bandcamp.

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