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The Donuts Network (YouTube Playlist)

The Donuts Network (YouTube Playlist)

You’re now tuned into The Donuts Network, our new YouTube playlist dedicated to J Dilla.

Have you ever needed a burst of inspiration and struggled to find it? That was me on Friday night. Then I noticed a saved playlist on my YouTube account. It was the Bling47 Dilla Edition series and it gave me the jolt I needed. Whatever your reason or need, Dilla has touched so many lives in life and death. That’s why I’ve put together a whole YouTube Playlist in his honour.

I’ve called it The Donuts Network and it contains a collection of beats, mixes, documentaries, interviews with Dilla and his friends and family, and a few Dilla-related commercials. I recommend you watch this on shuffle to get the full experience. It’s not comprehensive but I aim to update it as much as possible. There are at least 5 hours of content here for you to enjoy and if you have any video suggestions, leave a comment!

Playlist: The Donuts Network