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Imperial releases his debut LP, "Layers"


Often a man behind the scenes, Imperial is now at the forefront with his debut album, Layers.

Lord knows this project has been a long time coming. The Cambridge producer has been a frequent collaborator with K.I.N.E.T.I.K but now Imperial has a solo record to himself.

The title represents Imperial’s life over the last few years. His family welcomed the birth of a baby daughter and his production has continued to develop. The 13-track LP is a musical and emotional manifestation of that process. But you won’t find someone resting on their laurels or playing it safe on their debut.

Imperial’s trademark boom-bap sound is still prevalent; tracks like Raise It Up and Transit still require a neckbrace to fully enjoy. But there are also some newer, more experimental attempts too, like the more pop-oriented Yellow Yachts or the future funky Future Fragile (try saying that five times fast!)

Any producers reading this will know how many individual tracks go into making a song, whether it’s on Logic Pro, Ableton, FL Studio, or any other DAW. Everything is meticulously placed and mixed together in a patchwork of sound. Imperial is no stranger to that but his layers go further than multi-track recording.

Every instrumental choice, rhythmic decision, and orchestral commitment carries its own layer until you get to the finished product. But you’re never truly finished and while this album is a wondrous journey, Imperial has left just enough to keep on layering next time.

Stream the album below and find Layers on any of your favourite digital outlets under the player.

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