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VIDEO: Incisive – Winners (feat. Julian Marley & Dionne Reid)


British rapper Incisive show us why we’re Winners with his new track featuring Julian Marley and Dionne Reid.

It brings me great pleasure to say that this year, us Brits have had a fairly awesome summer. And as with all summers, we’ve had quite a dope soundtrack to boot. Although I’m currently obsessed with the new Indigo Summer EP by Nylo, I keep my ears peeled for records coming from this side of the pond. The scene has been developing leaps and bounds, and the gradual emergence (or resurgence, rather) of UK Hip Hop, topped off by a new-found appreciation for rappers with Bri’ish accents, is exciting me.

Take for example “Winners”, the Julian Marley and Dionne Reid-assisted record by West London native, Incisive. The record is easy on the ears, but has a socially conscious undertone which addresses the reality of being a youth in the UK (“council estates, where we play in the street ’cause the park ain’t safe”). Hip Hop originated as a public movement, going against the grain to challenge thoughts, opinions and actions; giving people a much needed voice. When it comes to expressing what Hip Hop is all about, Incisive is.. well, incisive.

The track wouldn’t be what it is, however, without the striking tones of Julian Marley. Maybe it’s the fact that he sounds exactly like his father – the legendary Bob Marley, or that I always associate Reggae with summer, but Julian makes this record a summer record. With the backing vocals from Ms. Reid gently touching over the TE1 production too, it’s a well-rounded record which, if anything, will grow as this summer continues.

“Winners” releases 19th August, but you can watch the video below. His mixtape “Where Is He”, is available now via iTunes.