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INTERVIEW: Taelor Headless


Ashton James Brown brings us an interview with the Mastermind behind the “Streetwear” brand, Headless Flywear…

We first encountered Headless Flywear way back in February of 2014. While that may seem like a relatively short expanse of time, in this internet age where information is exchanged at breakneck speed, a little over two years is akin to eons. In this time, Headless Flywear has undergone tangible evolution, and I caught up with the gifted head honcho, Taelor Headless, to discuss the direction of the distinctive streetwear brand, his love of gaming, and how his interests have informed the aesthetic direction of HF.

Ashton: ‘Taelor Headless’ is a rather distinctive moniker, and one would assume that its origins are filled with intrigue. Could you tell us about the origins of the name?

Taylor: Taelor is my name by birth. Headless derives from the nicknames bestowed upon me by my peers due to my surname (if you know it, you know it). The two together are fitting and work well with my craft because you have no choice, but to remember one of the two and both are distinctive.

A: I have noticed that you maintain a keen interest in Gaming. What are your thoughts on the current state of “Gaming Culture”? Do you feel that we as People Of Colour have a place within the aforementioned culture?

T: Forever and ever! Gaming will always be my main interest and as I mature I’m looking at it from a whole different standpoint now. I am more interested in furthering my involvement in the business aspect of it all. It’s exciting because there are so much prospects within it, it’s unreal!

As ‘People Of Colour’ we have a major place within the gaming culture. Gaming is EXTREMELY diverse with regards to race; it is actually surprising exactly how diverse it is!

A: Could you tell us about “Unequalled Media”? What does your involvement with UM entail?

T: Unequalled Media is a video-games broadcasting company based in London and is heavily present throughout Europe. My involvement is ‘Player and Consumer Merchandising’. I create products worn by high level players & desired by loyal viewers and make it available for everyone! Roughly 3 weeks ago, I released HFUM.CO.UK which is the brand I’ve developed surrounding Headless Flywear and UM, which essentially puts my fashion and design expertise towards the area of gaming.

A: What interests do you have outside of Gaming and Clothing?

T: Music and travelling. Regarding music, I love knowing the artists behind particular genres of music and getting the opportunity to work with them without a doubt. My latest project ‘GENESIS’ is my first visual project of the year and it features the choreographer Viviana Rocha. It also features ‘TailrMDELVN’, a music group and significant part of the Headless family.

With regards to Travelling, I’m going to see the world and it’s various wonders, inspiration takes a completely different turn when you see the things the world has to offer and that shouldn’t be taken for granted, SEE IT ALL WHILE YOU CAN!

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