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Is Hip Hop Sampling Lazy or Creative?

Entertainment commentators BRKDWN ask the classic question: is hip hop sampling lazy or creative?


Sampleface is a noun.

It describes a facial expression, similar to a “gas face”, but for a piece of music deemed “worthy of sampling”. In some cases, it can describe the reaction to hearing a used sample in a song. Without music sampling, we wouldn’t be here and you wouldn’t be reading this.

So when BRKDWN asked the question “is hip hop sampling lazy or creative?”, we felt compelled to answer, “it depends”. The question might be a little misleading/vague, hence the “both” response and I will explain.

Reiterating what Cynthia and Jon say in the video, there are a number of sampling producers who keep the game fresh with their techniques and sample choices. That’s creative. But there are quite a few who don’t. They put little effort into the craft. That’s lazy.

What do you think? Stream the video below.

UPDATE: The video was unfortunately taken down but here’s another asking whether sampling is lazy.

Is "Sampling" lazy?
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