Written by 12:37 am Hip Hop, Sampling

The Auracle – totheENDSoftheEARTH (ver. 1.0)


Our very own contributor/producer The Auracle switches up a composition from the Gladiator soundtrack.

We have a Midas in our midst. Having already put together a stellar album in chewBLACKa this year, the UK producer tried his hand at FL Studio for the first time. Amongst us, we all use different software (and hardware) for our music so this there would always be a learning curve with something new. By the sounds of this, that curve wasn’t very steep. Taking a track from the Gladiator soundtrack, The Auracle changed it all up with some of the heaviest knocking drums you’ll hear this side of Ancient Rome mixed together with the stuttering vocal sample. He’s no stranger to female vocal flipping as shown with his Enya sample on FLOWwithme.

Stream it below and look out for version 2.0 coming soon.