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J Dilla's Uncle To Open "Dilla's Delights" Donut Shop

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It’s finally happening. J Dilla’s uncle is planning to open a donut shop in Detroit called Dilla’s Delights.

The late great J Dilla has numerous associations in music and the wider world but one of the biggest is arguably donuts, after his love for the sugary pastries and the name of his classic 2006 album, Donuts.

Well, it appears his uncle Herman Hayes wants to solidify that association by opening a donut shop in his hometown Detroit. Conveniently being a former baker, Herman is preparing to open in October/November in Harmonie Park and also plans to make donuts with Dilla inspired names including Fantastic Fritters and McNasty Macaroons. What’s more, the shop will play music including Dilla’s own work and the artists he sampled.

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