How Did I Miss That: The Robert Digweed Collective - Second Chances (Remix Album)

Turns out some of our favourite producers (LAKIM, Elaquent and Handbook) remixed The Robert Digweed Collective’s First Impressions.

Remember we told you about The Robert Digweed Collective and their jazz fusion debut First Impressions? Well, it turns out Robert Digweed commissioned some producers to remix the album which was a brilliant idea. Upon further inspection, we discovered it featured a helluva a lot of artists we love and feature on Sampleface regularly. Producers like LAKIM, Ackryte, chrisARE and Handbook provided their artistic services and my word you’ll be blown away. A lot of what you hear will hazy and crackly; an artistic homage to the days of vinyl on which the original standards would have been pressed to. Taking this remix album for what it is, it gives a superb exhibition of how sampling needn’t live under the misunderstood label of “stealing“. Sampling and remixing of jazz covers, the latter of which were aesthetically altered. Go get it.

Stream/download Second Chances on Bandcamp.

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