The Robert Digweed Collective - First Impressions

It’s been nearly a year since The Robert Digweed Collective released First Impressions but it’s still as mellow as ever.

There’s a creative storm brewing in Nottingham with Warren Xclnce, Mimm and now Robert Digweed and his collective at the epicentre. Back in September 2012, Digweed and a group of jazz musicians came together to perform and their debut “First Impressions” was the result. The tracks are jazz standards but rather than producing carbon copies, the collective switched things up with a jazz fusion approach. Proceedings start with John Coltrane’s Impressions with a healthy mix of old and new styles – think Weather Report and the Sonar Kollectiv Orchester – but things get smoother with their take on Freddie Hubbard’s Red Clay and a special mention goes out to their cover of Watermelon Man, adding a dose of funk guitar to the mix.

Stream ‘First Impressions’ on Bandcamp.

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