VIDEO: Musician Creates "Polybius" Out Of Old Games Consoles

Musician Julian Corrie gathers some old consoles together to create “Polybius” in this video set in an empty swimming pool.

I was unfortunate to miss the buzz of playing video games at home through the ages 2-7. I had brief moments playing on the SNES, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Saturn and N64 but they were never mine and they were fleeting. With that in mind, this video is like a gathering of unreleased childhood fun potential. Glaswegian electronic artist Julian Corrie found his way into an empty swimming pool with a bunch of old consoles and his electric guitar. Mix together bleeps, hard drive whirrs and 8-bit drums and you come up with “Polybius” (probably named after the infamous arcade game that became an Internet urban legend). Hopefully listening to this Polybius won’t result in you suffering from horrible nightmares.

Stream it below.

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