Tag: Video Games

Cookin Soul samples Street Fighter II on a beat


To celebrate 100,000 YouTube subscribers, Cookin Soul made a beat from the iconic SNES game. Spanish hip hop producer/DJ Cookin Soul has...

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Super Guitar Bros – Nice.

Free Download

Released just a week ago, “Nice.” is the second album from acoustic pair Super Guitar Bros. This is unbelievably chilled....

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Akira The Don – Pokémon Go Theme Remix

Electronic, Sampling

If you’re on the Pokémon Go hype (hell, who isn’t?), then you might enjoy Akira The Don’s Pokémon Go...

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Mega Ran – OutRun The Sun (Feat. SkyBlew)

Hip Hop, Sampling

Press play and zone out to Mega Ran’s new track “OutRun The Sun”, with production by K-Murdock. Using a sample from the...

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Scott Xylo – Scott Pilgrim EP

Hip Hop

Scott Xylo goes all 8-bit with his new Scott Pilgrim EP. It’s only been a month since Scott Xylo was in our ears with his spaced out...

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VIDEO: Musician Creates “Polybius” Out Of Old Games Consoles

Electronic, Video

Musician Julian Corrie gathers some old consoles together to create “Polybius” in this video set in an empty swimming pool. I...

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