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2 Mello – Sounds Of Tokyo​-​To Future

2 Mello opens up a portal back to the future of the 90s with ‘Sounds Of Tokyo​-​To Future.

When it comes to video game music that mixes nostalgia with incredible orchestration and sampling, 2 Mello is one of the best. Sounds Of Tokyo​-​To Future is a fine amalgamation of those qualities and acts as a follow-up to his 2018 release, Memories Of Tokyo-To. In his own words, he wanted to “explore an even wider range of genres and sounds than he did on the first album and claim his own lane of style rather than sticking to what has been done.” A commendable approach and it was successful, melding drum & bass with rave (the late Keith Flint gets a dedication), hip hop, breakbeat, and VGM.

Sounds Of Tokyo​-​To Future transported me back to the 90s in the best possible way and if, like me, you enjoyed the swathes of games and soundtracks from that era, you’ll love this album.

Stream it on Bandcamp.

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