20 famous video game samples

someone playing on an arcade machine

Games like Street Fighter, Pokémon, and Legend of Zelda got a few nods.

Tom Cameron of Happy Media compiled a list of 20 tracks that used iconic video game samples back in January.

Though you may not recognise every melody line from obscure 8-bit relics or the specific gut-punch sound from a forgotten fighter game, these artists have chosen these sounds for a reason. They might stand as the centrepiece to a composition, provide the cherry on top to a near-perfect hit, or add some much-needed character to a song that’s almost there.

Artists include DOOM, Burial, Aphex Twin, Childish Gambino, Danny Brown, and many more. The biggest surprise for me was seeing NSYNC on the list for their use of ‘Pac-Man‘s Intro Theme‘ on The Game is Over. It kinda worked though!

Read the full list on the Happy Media website.

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