Akira The Don - Pokémon Go Theme Remix

If you’re on the Pokémon Go hype (hell, who isn’t?), then you might enjoy Akira The Don’s Pokémon Go “peakwave” remix.

The latest social craze hitting the streets quite literally is Pokémon Go. I’ve seen plenty of creative offshoots in the form of memes and some raps, courtesy of a contest held by El-P, but now we have a remix from Akira the Don. Due to the synth lead melody, it’s primed for a trap beat and that’s precisely the direction Akira has gone in with some added instrumentation towards the latter half of the beat.

“The idea was to make the music sound as vast and glorious and psychedelically life affirming as the experience of catching lil pokey critters running around stoned outside Don Studios in downtown Los Angeles at four am.” – Akira the Don

Stream it on SoundCloud.

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