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35 minutes of Daft Punk samples

daft punk

Or is it?

I’ve listened to Daft Punk’s Discovery every week since they announced their retirement and I’d be remiss if I didn’t post something up about their incredible sampling.

So here’s 35 minutes of Daft Punk samples featuring the likes of Barry White, Barry Manilow, Electric Light Orchestra, and many more. But there’s some contention in what exactly was sampled on Discovery. While the samples in this video are compelling, Thomas Bangalter (the tall robot) said that “half of the samples he had seen listed [on websites] are not true” and that they recreated samples to make them sound original:

Almost like creating fake samples, which we have done, especially in Discovery, where people think there are samples from disco records or funk records—there are no samples at all.

I’ve stumbles upon those posts online where they are like, “look at all these samples,” and half of this list is not true. The samples that were used have always been cleared and it’s very blatant.

Quote from 2007 interview

I don’t know what to believe but either way, it shows remarkable musicianship so who cares?

Stream the video below.

(via our friends at samples.fr)

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