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J-Zone – Concussion Percussion

This is J-Zone’s fifth drumbreak collection.

Heed his words:

Ya’ll know the deal with these. I don’t have the bread to sue anyone and that’s not really my bag. But if you get a nice, thick sync or major label placement using my drums, do the classy thing and hit me up. I’m not draconian, my publishing is below and/or you can hire me for session work because that’s how players “due.” But give me credit. Or a piece of the publishing. Buy me some cymbals or something. I can’t afford to call my lawyer for a cease and desist either because whenever the #boombap hashtag (sigh) comes out, you know ain’t NO money comin’ from a trial! And please don’t advertise “featuring J-Zone” if you sample the drums – that’s not a feature and I saw one of those recently! Just credit me in the song notes like a sane individual. Enjoy and keep it funky. – Jay 

Stream a snippet below.

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