Jaw Jam - The Truth EP

New Jersey’s Jaw Jam takes us back to the days of old school garage and adds his own unusual musical smatterings with The Truth EP.

Last month, New Jersey’s Jaw Jam dropped his The Truth EP. We somehow missed this guy amongst the throng of music we listen to on a daily basis but now we’re educating ourselves, this is some dope music. Jaw Jam’s approach to composition is certainly unique. His tracks are made up of scattered musical parts in unorthodox timings, allowing the silence between the notes to remain prominent (probably attributed to his involvement with jazz and improvisatory music, according to his bio). The EP opens with the title track, a minimalist old school garage homage packed with soft synth boings and classic garage vocals. Late Night extends on this notion with even less of a strong melodic continuity, adding to the unique quality of Jaw Jam’s production. The EP also comes with two remixes from label mate and owner Lockah and upcoming producer Yoin. Keep an eye out for this dude.

Stream the EP on Bandcamp.

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