THROWBACK THURSDAY: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis In The Studio With Donnie Simpson

Back in 1987, legendary producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis spoke about their production techniques with Donnie Simpson and showed him around their mixing desk.

The sounds of the late 80s and early 90s were dominated by new jack swing, a funky blend of hip hop, funk, dance pop and R&B. Although Teddy Riley is often seen as one of the genre’s spearheads, the honour of “forefathers” go to Jimmy Jam and Jerry Lewis who kicked things off on works with The SOS Band and, most notably, Janet Jackson’s Control.

In this interview with radio DJ and presenter Donnie Simpson, Jam and Lewis get real technical and explain the ins and outs of their studio and how they produce their music. Well, produced. Of course, the pair have moved on musically since the days of Morris Day and Janet Jackson calling out those Nasty Boys but I’m sure the essence of their workflow still remains. Watch the masters at work.

Stream it below.

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis In Studio w/ Donnie Simpson
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