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WUBU2: Lunatick Records

Nestled amongst the cluster of burgeoning UK labels are Lunatick Records and in our second edition of WUBU2.

Thanks to the wonders of online technology, musicians can connect on so many levels. A collaboration needn’t involve long journeys to different studios with things like Dropbox and home set ups. Underground artists can become legends in their own right and can often be found on multiple labels. They may not have the millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter but tens of thousands along with equally dedicated fans at their shows prove they’re more than just internet crazes. Most of these artists hail from the US but the UK aren’t exactly lagging behind and labels like Lunatick Records continue to push the boundaries.

Started in 2009 by UK producer and DJ founded by Cypria and Chicago native AP-EBonix, the label has added powerhouses such as KVZE, Soul Starr and Darko The Super to their roster. Their ethos is both sustainable and commendable, with a “dedication to their fans and for helping talented artists and producers make a living off of music in an industry dominated by money, ignorance and greed”. In fact, they recently announced the acquisition of UK hip hop band Sumo Chief (formerly known as Yancey Boys) to their roster, a group we featured as Ones To Watch last year.

The new releases announced so far for 2014 are set to be stunners, with “Good Little Automation Droids”, a new album from DarkoTheSuper’s alter ego Doc Heller and Sumo Chief’s debut EP in February. But let’s not forget some of their highlights from the last year in Fortune’s From The Top, Cypria’s The Sunday Soul Sessions and Beats, Blunts & Burgers Vol. 2. Add a smattering of singles along the way and you’d be a fool not to keep your ear to the ground for more Lunatick rumblings.

Stream some of their roster’s music on SoundCloud.

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