SATURDAY MATINÉE: What Ever Happened to Hip Hop?


Producer and cinematographer Sonali Aggarwal asks the question “What Ever Happened to Hip Hop?” in his 2009 documentary and it is this week’s Saturday Matinée feature presentation.

Dead Prez claimed commercialisation was bigger than it, Erykah said it was bigger than religion and the government and Nas called on its death. But in 2009, cinematographer Sonali Aggarwal posed the question “What Ever Happened to Hip Hop?” and made a documentary centred around the question featuring hip hop founders and icons such as Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-One and Busy Bee. The idea behind “What Ever Happened to Hip Hop?” is to show viewers the genre’s four main principles – Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun – and really take them back to its roots. Whether you’re a new admirer or feel disillusioned with where hip hop is going, this documentary is worth watching.

Stream it below.

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