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SATURDAY MATINÉE: KRS-One Talks About The Origins Of Hip Hop


Get some hip hop knowledge from this week’s Saturday Matinée where KRS One discusses philosophy and hip hop’s origins.

New listeners to hip hop have the disadvantage of having a culture and its music forced down its throat by the media with little or no links to its past heritage. That’s not to say all hip hop in the mainstream is poor substitutes for “The Golden Age” but most of it does little for the craft. A few of the legends still remain prominent and one of them is KRS-One, who is notable for his lyrical prowess, efforts to stop violence and promotion of hip hop culture. Hell, his name is a backronym of Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone and one of his other stage names is Teacha. In this video, KRS discusses his own philosophies as well as his definition of hip hop and its difference to rap. If you’re new to it all, you can treat this as a hip hop 101 or treat it as an educational exercise.

Stream it below.