Oh No Vs. Now-Again Vol. 2


Oh No’s adventures through the worlds of library music has brought him to another Now-Again compilation.

Considering my love of hip hop and any serious considering of music outside of the charts didn’t start until late 2008/early 2009, it doesn’t really surprise me that I missed Oh No’s debut album for Now-Again Records. Egon’s love and extensive catalogue of library music coupled with Oh No’s brilliant musicianship meant a second volume would prove even more majestic. This one is the seventh in Now-Again’s Music Library series and it sees the Oxnard producer waving his magic over an eclectic mix of music from Zambian rock (a genre Oh No’s brother delved into not too long ago) to Iranian folk. Yep, even that. The 19-track album is available as a limited edition CD and via Now-Again’s subscription service (only place where you can get it digitally).

Purchase the album at the Now-Again website and stream one of the tracks below.

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