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Dapper Rapper: Joey Bada$$ x Dilla x Akomplice


Rapper Joey Bada$$ collaborates with Akomplice on a Dilla-inspired fashion line this November.

Anything involving Dilla and fashion and I’m there. What makes it even better is the fact that US fashion label Akomplice are involved and they’ve enlisted the help of Joey Bada$$ to sport their new clothing. The collection includes a T-shirt, crewneck top and a limited edition print tee for those who buy the full set. You also get an unreleased track “Two Lips” with Joey on the rhymes. The designs are based around Dilla’s silhouette set in front of a cloudy background, reminscient of his current heavenly state and his style of beats no doubt. But it’s not all fashion and look. 100% of the profits made from this line will help provide instruments and music lessons for disadvantaged youths in Detroit and Brooklyn.

The collection drops on 21st November (day before my birthday *ahem*).

(via Complex)