Jonathan Cloud – Gallery Of Oddities


US producer Jonathan Cloud delivers the 4-disc instrumental compilation Gallery Of Oddities.

Quirks and curiosities within hip hop, particularly instrumental hip hop, add a certain charm against the backdrop of excess in the mainstream. Producer Jonathan Cloud has put together not one but four discs worth of instrumentals ranging from hip hop styles to more electronic and experimental aesthetics. Having worked with the likes of Ab-Soul, Azizi Gibson and Chuwee, Cloud’s work extends to some really laidback grooves with plenty of lo-fi hiss and crackle – the perfect seasoning for hip hop oddities. My particular favourite is 4D Chapel, a track that almost marches through your ears with its choral sample and piercing organs. Pre-“sad black leather clown” Kanye would have laced that back in the day.

Stream Disc 1 below and download the whole set after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Jonathan Cloud – Gallery Of Oddities

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