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Jonwayne - Special Herbs Medly

Stones Throw’s Jonwayne adds extra seasoning to DOOM’s legendary Special Herbs beat series.

Rapping over DOOM beats (officially or otherwise) is far from a rarity in underground hip hop but there’s something extra special – excuse the pun – about this example. Jonwayne rifled through the Supervillain’s Special Herbs series and put together this “medley” of twenty beats in just under five minutes. Fast work. Jeff Jank was also at hand for the cover art, depicting the real Dr Doom with a blunt and a copy of something special (see below). There are some similarities in Jonwayne’s tone and expression alongside DOOM, albeit less gruff and weather-beaten which makes this better than most of the SoundCloud fodder.

Stream it below and look out for Jonwayne’s Cassette on Vinyl LP on 22nd July (that’s what Doom is holding in the cover by the way).

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