K-tel’s Difficult-to-Strip-to Hits Vol. 1


Well, this is awkward. On purpose. Here are K-tel’s Difficult-to-Strip-to Hits Vol. 1. We think the name explains itself.

Life will never be the same again when you’ve seen a woman slow grind on you to the sound of Eric Clapton’s Tears In Heaven. Or maybe you have a weird urge to pay a stripper to get nasty to some Bob Dylan. The Imperial March from Star Wars perhaps? Well, if you’re a freak/musical sadist like that, K-Tel have your back with their Difficult-to-Strip-to Hits Vol. 1. The parody album was written and created by Sean Tejaratchi of LiarTownUSA with Rachel Lichtman¬†and has other inappropriate sexy tunes from Neil Young, Paul Anka and Judy Garland. Imagine a gyrating woman thrusting her crotch in your face to Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Just try it.

(via Laughing Squid and S/O to Steph for putting me on)

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