Written by Luke Alex Davis 5:13 pm Instrumental Hip Hop

kaewunn – PULSES [ bump l l ]

This is PULSES bump l l , the 2019 sequel to UK producer kaewunn’s debut, PULSES bump l .

Album cover for kaewunn - PULSES [ bump l l ]

If you’re looking for a beat tape around 20 minutes long with lo-fi bumps, you’ve come to the right place. kaewunn’s PULSES [ bump l l ] has been in my bookmarks for over a year and it sounds just as good as it did then or if it had come out years before.

That’s down to the paradoxical nature of lo-fi hip hop—it’s aesthetically dated on purpose but that stylistic approach holds it in a form of musical stasis, at least for now. kaewunn understands that philosophy—consciously or otherwise—and PULSES [ bump l l ] is the result. It’s a fun and laidback album with “heavy sampling” as he calls it:

It’s here! This sequel is like what I’ve felt throughout half of the year. Inspired by different sounds and heavy sampling.
A progress of sound and mixing skills I’ve been experimenting. PULSES ||.

Bio for kaewunn’s release, PULSES [ bump l l ]

Stream it below and check out PULSES [ bump l ] if you missed it.