Kaytranada to release joint EP with Robert Glasper

Kaytranada to release joint EP with Robert Glasper

The ArtScience Remixes will feature 8 reworks from Glasper’s 2016 album ArtScience.

I haven’t been having any Kaytranada withdrawal symptoms as I still have 99.9% on heavy rotation and his tracks for Talib Kweli and Lou Phelps quenched my thirst for new music. On that note (pun intended), I’m happy to hear the Montreal musician has teamed up with Robert Glasper for a joint EP called The ArtScience Remixes. It’ll be an 8-track project featuring the likes of Don Cheadle and Talib Kweli and drop on Record Store Day (that’s 21st April).

In the meantime, stream Kaytra’s remix of Move Love below.

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