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Lakim – Soulection White Label: 001


Lakim kicks off Soulection’s White Label series with a mini EP of goodies.

Soulection have been a powerhouse of superb talent and the finest electronic music this side of the information superhighway so we were all thrilled to hear the announcement of their Soulection White Label series. The series will showcase mini EPs from their incredible roster with “the mission of breaking new artists and spreading music far and wide”. The first member of the Soulection team to participate is Lakim and his three contributions are as mighty as you’d expect from the Virginia producer. Rent4 bounces between atmospheric trap and high-octane EDM while Crushin’ You two steps over the line separating the two genres. But for me the most exciting track of the lot is Make Time For Me with its early 90s Euro-house vibe and nicely chosen harmonica riff. Looking forward to the next release in 2014.

Stream it below and download it via their Dropbox.