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LFMH - Low Budget Loops

LFMH, formerly Mau, digs through the one euro bin for those Low Budget Loops.

All the loops/edits were sampled from 1euro records purchased at thrift stores and flea markets, hence the title “low budget loops”. Edited and flipped using a sp-404 and a miniKP.

Ever since I got my SP-303, I’ve been fascinated by anyone else who has managed to make music with one. As Bandcamp is my usual haunt when looking for good underground music, I decided to have a look and found this one (upon searching “SP-404“, it’s successor). Made from thrift store records and a sampler, Low Budget Loops is a perfect example of what you can do on a, well, budget. Proof that you don’t need the most expensive studio set up and the latest equipment and software to make great music.

Update: looks like LFMH took the album down many years ago 🙁


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