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LoFi House Mix 1988 – The Stoner House Edition

LoFi House Mix (1988) – The Stoner House Edition

Get into this super chill house mix by Katarakt featuring a host of cool DJs and producers and visuals from Koyaanisqatsi.

LoFi House Mix (1988) – The Stoner House Edition

I’ve had this house mix lying around in my bookmarks for months so I decided to post it up today. It comes courtesy of Katarakt and hosted on YouTube by German techno DJ and producer, Fear N Loathing.

Despite the name, this lo-fi mix doesn’t feature house music from 1988 as I initially thought, but it is full of laidback house grooves from the likes of DJ Seinfeld, Demuja, Francis Inferno Orchestra, and Cristo.

If you like this, I strongly recommend you check out the other house mixes in the series, including the 1992 edition.

Stream it below.

LoFi House Mix 1988 | The Stoner House Edition by @Kataraktmusic


  • 00:00: Tell — Floating Islands
  • 08:00: Makam — The Hague Soul (Original Mix)
  • 10:28: Mall Grab — Roadworks
  • 13:13: See Other — Waitin
  • 15:54: Francis Inferno Orchestra — Harmony
  • 19:21: Demuja — Loose Legs
  • 23:00: Paul Rudder — She
  • 27:49: Baltra — Tears
  • 34:08: DJ Boring — Sunday Avenue (Original Mix)
  • 39:01: Demuja — Move
  • 44:23: Mood J — NY Vibration
  • 48:40: DJ Seinfeld — U
  • 54:15: Cristo — House Of Surf
  • 58:10: Harrison BDP — Decompression
  • 1:04:13: Fade Away (Vocal) — Baltra
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