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Virtual Insanity: jazz analysis and dancing penguins

chocopen penguins

Stream two cool videos about Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity – one about music theory and one about cartoon penguins.

chocopen penguins

Have a twofer on me!

The first video is a jazz analysis of Jamiroquai’s ‘Virtual Insanity’, breaking down the tracks chord choices, its following of the circle of fifths, and its similarities to Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ (which does nothing to dispel the notion that the band copied Stevie Wonder in the early days somehow).

The second video features a pair of penguins dancing to the song. The penguins are from a line of designs called Chocopen and they’re so adorable.

Needless to say, Virtual Insanity is one of Jamiroquai’s best songs and works well with dancing penguin and under a music theory microscope.

Stream both videos below.

Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity Jazz analysis.
Virtual Insanity ペンギンダンス
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