Madlib on his influences and love for music

Madlib for Konbini

Madlib sat with Konbini and talked about his musical influences, his first ever record, and the album his parents listened to the most.

Madlib interviews are relatively rare and sparser than most producers but insightful nevertheless. This interview from last September was a great example of that as Konbini asked him a series of interesting questions including:

  • The first record you bought?
  • The song that reminds you of your first steps in the music business?
  • The record that influenced you most as an artist?
  • The album your parents listened to the most?

Naturally, there was a host of great albums and songs mentioned (worthy of a playlist?) and another glimpse into the enigmatic producer.

Stream the video below.

Madlib - Le producteur de hip-hop légendaire dévoile ses influences | Konbini
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