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Metal Sampleecious - DOOM Samples

Rappamelo have compiled a playlist of some DOOM samples on Spotify.

This is the second Rappamelo sample playlist, their first being A Tribe Called Sampleecious. In this one, they have gathered some of DOOM’s best samples into a Spotify playlist.

Stream “Metal Sampleecious” on Spotify and check the tracklist below.


  1. Ronnie Laws – Friends and Strangers (Myrrh)
  2. The Blackbyrds – Love is Love (White Willow bark)
  3. Jon Lucien – Maiden Voyage (Eucalyptus)
  4. Roy Ayers – Vibrations (Bergamont Wild)
  5. The Blackbyrds – April Showers (Lavender Buds)
  6. Ronnie Laws – Solid Ground (Cinquefoil)
  7. Sugarhill Gang – Passion Play (Devil’s Shoestring)
  8. Roy Budd – The Storm Killer (Main Title) (Wormwood)
  9. Boz Scaggs – Lowdown (Black Snake Root)
  10. Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson – We Almost Lost Detroit (Camphor)
  11. Bobby McFerrin – Moondance (Burdrock Root)
  12. The New Birth – Do It Again (Valerian Root)
  13. Idris Muhammad – The Saddest Thing (Myrtle Leaf)
  14. Quincy Jones feat. James Ingram – One Hundred Ways (Monosodium Glutamate)
  15. Bobbi Humphrey – Just A Love Child (Orange Blossoms)
  16. Anita Baker – Sweet Love (Jasmine Blossoms)
  17. Isaac Hayes – What Does It Take (Benzoin Gum))
  18. Sade – Kiss Of Love (Saffron)
  19. Anita Baker – Been So Long (Arrow Root)
  20. Isaac Hayes – Walk On By (Galangal Root)
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